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1. Each cup is full of flavor

Colombia’s geographical and microclimatic diversity gives rise to a whole range of different coffees. In general, the lower altitude and warmer climate the coffee is grown in, the fuller body and finer acidity the coffee has. On the contrary, harsher conditions allow the coffee to develop a sweeter taste and more pronounced acidity.

Tip: Taste one of the best coffees in the world – it comes from the Palma Roja farm, which lies at an incredible altitude of 2,100 meters above sea level. It is characterized by tones of cane sugar, panels and flowers. It gets 87 points out of 100 when cupping.

2. Colombian coffee equals top quality

Colombian coffee regularly receives very high ratings, which ranks it among selected coffees. This is mainly due to two aspects: the climate and farmers.

How does the climate contribute to the quality of Colombian coffee?

In Colombia, there are perfect conditions for growing coffee trees. Thanks to its volcanic subsoil, high altitudes and plenty of rain, Colombia coffee is one of the best and highest quality in the world.

How do farmers contribute to the quality of Colombian coffee?

The farmers manually havest the best coffee grains and then watch out the processing process and this is how the first-class quality is guaranteed. For them, coffee means not only a way of living, but above all  – an honest craft, to which they have lovingly devoted their whole lives.

3. Coffee from Colombia, that’s 100% Arabica

Although here are over a hundred species of coffee trees in the world, only two are widely known: Arabica and Robusta. At the same time, coffee lovers clearly lean towards Arabica, which they consider to be of better quality and better taste. You will find many more tones and flavors, it contains less caffeine and is not as bitter and earthy as Robusta.

Even though Arabica is very difficult to grow, you would hardly find another type of coffee in Colombia. The vast majority of coffee production from Colombia is unadulterated, delicious 100% Arabica.

4. By buying Colombian coffee, you support local farmers

Two million Colombians make a living from growing and processing coffee. Most of them are minor farmers who come from small farms in the mountains. These are most often older men for whom this craft has been inherited for many generations. However, they have to face new obstacles every day. One of them is constant downward pressure on prices almost borders on exploitation, it is making increasingly difficult for farmers to make a living by growing coffee.

For us, fairness towards farmers is the key – we ourselves come from Colombia and we know what life is like on a coffee farm. That is why it makes us extremely happy that we can support local farmers by selling and roasting Colombian coffee. Do the same and order Colombian coffee from farmers.

5. You can enjoy fresh coffee from Colombia throughout the year

In Colombia, coffee is harvested in two main seasons: principal and mitaca.

However, the harvesting season depends on the location of the farm.

While in the south the main season for harvesting coffee is in the fall, in southern Colombia it runs from spring to summer. Thanks to this, we can indulge in fresh coffee from Colombia during the whole year.

Which Colombian coffee is the best?

There are produced an inexhaustible number of different coffees in Colombia which differ in taste, aroma and region of origin. We can not say exactly which one is the best. See Colombian coffees in our menu and find yours among them